Four Ways to Prepare for College


You walked off of the stage excited, anxious, or ready to take on the world. Now it’s time to start the next chapter. If you’ve chosen to attend university, I’d like to share a few tips.

Study before school starts

Visit the library. While it isn’t necessary to create a summer reading list, those who do will be ahead of the game. Do not be limited by your major, take a glance at the list of topics surrounding it, or even unrelated ones. Learn for the sake of learning.

Prerequisites can make or break you. It’s okay if you aren’t as strong in certain subjects as you are in others, there is hope (and tutoring). Look at your school’s website for services you may need and organizations you’d like to become a part of in the future.

Don’t let balloons burst

You’ve had sleepless nights before, but not like the ones you’ll soon encounter. Whether your schedule is pretty normal or hectic, do not overexert yourself to have the greatest resume of all time.

Get involved and lend a hand, just make sure that you are able to. See your stress as a balloon, or as the air inside. That ten-page report is due in a few days? More air. Cheering at the game with your friends, the balloon shrinks. The size will fluctuate, and that’s normal.

There are thousands of articles online about stress management. Find out which techniques best suit you. If you can handle working under pressure, that’s great. Though it is better to pace yourself.

Be an early bird

Personally, my first and second semesters were a little chaotic (see “Don’t let balloons burst”). However, I now have a better idea of what to expect.

Aim to know all that you can about your school, and where everything is located. It’s good to know where your classes are before the semester starts. In fact, I recommend it. You can act as a tour guide for new students just finding their way around.

Check your list more than twice

As an incoming student, you’re excited about what’s in store. I’m sure you’ve already begun packing, but make sure you have everything. There are many college checklists on the Internet, such as this one.

Make sure that you the fine print. Your school may have a prohibited items list (candles, etc.).

Photos from home? Check. Textbooks? Check. Having them sent to your P.O. Box at school is great if you have the option. Don’t get caught without necessary items, even if you are rushing during the weeks before you leave.

Now that you’re making plans and taking action, I’d like to say this once again:

Congrats grad, you’ve earned it.


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