Do Not Compare the Calling

You are the last person on this earth with those fingerprints, those ideas.

If we need Ashley from Arizona to help us, we’ll call her. If we need Tom from Texas, we’ll call him. But we need you. Do not spend your life striving for someone else’s gifts.

You can study what others do and learn from them, maybe even practice for a while to gain a better understanding, but never force it. There is a line between practicing and copying because your version will never be exact. It isn’t supposed to be.

We are blessed to have differences, and there wouldn’t be much to learn in life otherwise. The book you want to write has your name embossed on the cover, they are your words after all.

Your calling is not a replica of another’s. Comparing what you have or haven’t done is the quickest way to lose. Your lane is custom made. Stay in it.


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