Increase Your Awareness as an Artist in 2018

You already do what you love. Now make sure others know and remember it.

Pin what you practice

Pinterest holds thousands of infographics with game-changing advice and tutorials for the beginning and seasoned artist. To gain the attention of potential clients, use other users’ photos as practice. After drawing them, click the “tried it” button to upload your work. Create a new board and build a mini portfolio by adding your artwork using the plus sign at the top of your page. Whether you add a “tried” pin or add to your created board, be sure to add your URL to the appropriate fields so that more of your work can be discovered.

Behind the scenes broadcasting

Let others join in on the creative process and give live feedback on platforms like Periscope, YouNow, and Instagram Live. Connecting with viewers in real time builds a sense of community.

Bring it all home

Owning a website covers many blank spaces. It allows people to get to become familiar with you as an artist. There are different ways to go about it. I purchased my domain name from Bluehost and mapped it to WordPress with ease.


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